Solvo brings decades of experience and expertise in the most significant areas affecting companies and organizations across all sectors: risk, finance, corporate, geopolitical and legal.

We understand change, and complexity. In this fast moving world, we bring a different approach to analysis, risk and advice, with a dual focus upon isolating core problems and seeking realistic, workable solutions.

We are a team of experts with high-level strategic expertise. And you always work with us, not junior associates.

Solvo : The strategic advisory service


Solvo is the strategic advisory service. With decades of experience and expertise at the most senior levels, we analyse, advise, negotiate and mediate, with a solutions focused approach.

We are available directly to clients and projects, and we also work with other professionals, such as lawyers and management consultancies.

Risk Advisory

Risk is about threats and rewards. It is about identifying the potential or actual threats...

Senior Advisory Board

Discussion and debate are at the heart of any transaction. Conflict and...

Negotiation and Mediation

Solvo partners are highly skilled negotiators, with a wide range of experience...

Courses and Keynotes

We live in a world of crises, of great and constant change. A world...


Solvo partners are highly experienced practitioners from different professions, backgrounds and nationalities.
We are a global team that enjoys solving problems.