Courses and Keynotes

We live in a world of crises, of great and constant change. A world that challenges people and organizations across the globe.

Solvo offers tailor made courses and lectures on key capabilities and concepts such as strategy, leadership, management, crisis management and analysis. 

Every organization has plans and processes that allow it to function: to move along, and to be successful. But over time thinking can become stale, aims confused and targets missed. New perspectives can help.

Other times, the unexpected happens, and all  assumptions are undermined –

like the Covid pandemic – but the organization must still function.

Solvo can help refresh the thinking, change the processes, and inspire the organization to meet new and unexpected challenges.

Alongside the extensive hands-on senior executive experience of our partners, we have all lectured widely and are associated with leading global universities.

Solvo courses and lectures: a challenge, an inspiration, an experience.