Jean-François Phelizon

Jean-François Phelizon is a leading expert in corporate strategy, management, organization and finance, based upon decades of experience in international business at the highest level. He served for 12 years as Chief Financial Officer of one the major global industrial groups, with annual revenue of 50 billion dollars and plants in more than sixty countries. He subsequently spent 8 years as Chairman and CEO of a group of companies in the United States with the annual revenue of 7.5 billion dollars. 

Jean-François Phelizon has negotiated many acquisitions and divestitures, alongside a range of negotiations with key stakeholders such as investors, trade unions, customers and providers. A well regarded strategic thinker, he has also gained wide experience in arbitrage and mediation. He is currently senior adviser to several industrial groups and adjunct Professor at SciencesPo Paris.
Jean-François Phelizon holds a MBA from HEC (France), a MS and a PhD in Economics from Paris University. He is the author of several books on economics, digital transformation, strategic thinking and negotiation, including one in cooperation with the former world chess champion Anatoli Karpov, Chess and the Art of Negotiation”. Most of his books are published in French, English and Chinese.