Solvo brings decades of experience and expertise in the most significant areas affecting companies and organizations across all sectors: risk, finance, corporate, geopolitical and legal.

Understanding each of these areas, and the interaction between them, is key to solving problems and advancing projects in all sectors.

Risk: In our interdependent and rapidly changing world risk has become a key issue. Managing risk to advantage is essential to any company or organization. Solvo Partners have considerable experience at the highest level of successfully managing risk in a wide range of organizations, circumstances and situations – across the globe.

Finance: Money and financial management are crucial to any organization. A world afflicted by pandemic, wars, climate change and tension between global powers means many financial ideas and practices have been upended. Technological innovations are continuously changing the landscape or pushing the envelope. In many ways the future is unclear. The Solvo team brings extensive financial experience and expertise in business, banking, the public sector and academia.

Corporate: Good management is key to any organization, in business, private companies and public institutions. Solvo Partners bring a wealth of expertise and experience in senior management of major international corporations, business, international organizations and the military.

Geopolitical: Change is a constant in world affairs, but we are now in a period of global instability and uncertainty. War is back on the agenda, energy and food supplies have become problematic, and political tensions are evident everywhere. Solvo Partners offer analysis, advice and contacts at the highest level across the globe, notably China, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Legal: Our world is underpinned by law, as all issues and problems have a legal aspect. Solvo Partners offer strategic legal advice throughout every stage of a transaction, from contract negotiation and mediation to solving legal disputes. Solvo has a global network of legal experts with privileged local contacts in most jurisdictions.