Risk Advisory

Solvo partners have considerable experience at the highest level of successfully managing risk across the globe – in business, banking, international institutions, large corporations, legal transactions, war and peace.

Risk is about threats and rewards. It is about identifying the potential or actual threats to a successful outcome, in any sector or discipline, and finding remedies.

The art of risk management is in assessing the likelihood of the threat materializing – and in proposing timely measures to negate or defeat it.

Solvo offers three risk advisory services:

Analysis and Assessment In our extremely volatile and uncertain world, risk has increased simply because stability has decreased. Solvo brings outstanding expertise to analyzing and managing risk in any situation, and at any stage of a transaction or operation – be it financial, political, systemic, legal, organizational or others. We do not produce reports: we offer operational assessments and options.

Reputation Management Risk is not only to activities: an organization can be diminished because a threat undermined its image and standing. Understanding the correlates between risk and reputation is core to the functioning of any company or project. Solvo expertise in reputation management is of the highest quality, based on wide global experience.

Scenario Planning  Understanding threats means also testing a threat assessment. Be it in a corporate context, a systems examination or a political development, testing threats against a proposed scenario is a highly beneficial activity. Solvo partners, as strategic leaders, have vast experience in testing threat assessments through scenario planning in a wide range of areas.