Senior Advisory Board

Sometimes, parties just need a sounding board. Before deciding a course of action, it can be helpful for senior executives and decision makers to get a fresh perspective and objective advice from outside experts.

Solvo can ask the right questions, assess options, flag pitfalls, and give a view on possible ways forward. Decisions, problems, and disputes do not take place in a vacuum. Each arises within a specific context, and potentially evolves and unfolds within another

Solvo specializes in analysing and mapping the different factors and issues relevant to a situation, negotiation or dispute. We establish the context in which events occurred and examine the context in which a solution is sought.

Solvo partners bring multidisciplinary expertise and experience to analysing and advising, be it legal, financial and economic – as well as cultural, political, reputational, and circumstantial.

We work collectively as a group and collaboratively with our clients to assess both the external and the internal interests that may be at play 

Solvo partners are your trusted group of experienced practitioners: your Senior Advisory Board on demand.